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Welcome to the home page of Walkers HGV Training, an HGV licence trainer offering a range of HGV courses for clients across wider Yorkshire. From Category D Licences to Category C + E Licences and much more, we provide a dedicated, one-on-one approach that helps you kick-start your new career. All on-road training takes place around the Leeds/Wetherby/Harrogate area and our HGV driver training site is based on a repurposed RAF runway near York.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you have already attained your Class 2 licence, our HGV driving instructor is here to help. We can also provide CPC (module 4) if needed. In order to book the correct number of days, we recommend that all clients contact us for an initial consultation before you book your course.


About Us

Walkers HGV Training was founded by an ex-army veteran with extensive experience in the transport industry. While serving, our director drove a huge range of cars, vans, lorries, busses and military vehicles before being promoted to regimental transport manager. After six years in the army, he transitioned to an HGV licence trainer role and now offers expert HGV driver training courses in the York area.

The smart choice for HGV courses in Yorkshire, we offer the most cost-effective option for clients in the local area. Get in touch with a member of our team today for Category D Licences, Category C + E Licences and CPC qualifications.


A Range of Courses

Whether you are looking to attain a minibus licence, an articulated lorry licence or are simply interested in our options, our friendly personnel at Walkers HGV Training are always happy to walk you through our LGV courses. We offer the following courses and options for our clients:

  • Category C Licence (Rigid Lorry Licence)

  • Category C + E Licence (Articulated Lorry Licence)

  • Category D (Bus / Coach Licence)

  • Category D1 (Minibus Licence)

  • CPC Training (Module 4)

  • Refresher Training and LGV Courses (Cat C / Cat C + E)

Our aim is to develop your driving skills and confidence, helping you on your way to achieving your HGV licence. We practice every stage of the driving test, including reversing and uncoupling and recoupling a trailer. We take you around all the local testing routes and ensure that you are well-prepared for your test.

The go-to choice for HGV courses in the York area, our qualified HGV licence trainer is friendly and knowledgeable. Get in touch today to find out more about our HGV driver training services and HGV driving lessons.

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