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Interested in taking one of our HGV driver training courses? On this page, we will briefly outline each course that we offer at Walkers HGV Training. Based in York, our HGV licence trainer has helped countless drivers in the Yorkshire area to achieve additional licence qualifications, so contact us today to find out more about our options.

The courses that we will be outlining on this page include:

  • Category C Licence (Rigid Lorry Licence)

  • Category C + E Licence (Articulated Lorry Licence)
  • Category D (Bus / Coach Licence)

  • Category D1 (Minibus Licence)

  • CPC Training (Module 4)

  • Refresher Training and LGV Courses (Cat C / Cat C + E)


Category C Licence (Rigid Lorry Licence)

With a Category C licence, you can drive an HGV over 3500kh. This is usually a relatively small, rigid lorry that is ideal for local deliveries. Our experienced HGV licence trainer coaches drivers of all abilities to ensure a high pass rate. Our Category C courses are typically three days long.

Category C + E Licence (Articulated Lorry Licence)

Looking to attain a Category C + E licence? We offer a five-day, intensive HGV driver training course that is suitable for both beginners and experienced transport drivers. The course includes on-road practice and reversing/uncoupling/recoupling training.

Category D & D1 Licence

These licences are for passenger carrying vehicles, including buses and minibuses. Category D1 is a single day course, while training for Category D (larger passenger vehicles such as buses and coaches) takes four days.

CPC Training (Module 4)

We offer CPC Module 4 tests, training and eventually assessing you to help you pass the vehicle safety test and other practical aspects of the course. This helps you to prepare for emergency situations and reduce physical risks when operating a large vehicle.

Refresher Training

Looking to brush up on your HGV operating skills? We are here to help. We offer cost-effective HGV driver training for clients across York and wider Yorkshire. Get in touch with one of our HGV licence trainers today to find out more about our services.

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