Category C + E Licence in York | The Benefits of HGV Driver Training

Considering a career in the transportation industry? On this page, we will be outlining some of the benefits of quitting your nine-to-five and making the exciting change to a career driving large goods vehicles. Here at Walkers HGV Training, our experienced HGV licence trainer offers a range of HGV courses for clients in the York area.

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Travel Across Europe

Have you always wanted to explore the continent? One of the best ways to be paid to travel is to work in the transportation industry. By attaining your Category C + E licence, you can find yourself travelling to France, Italy, Hungary, Portugal or even further afield. If you have a keen wanderlust, then this is the job for you. Our experience HGV licence trainer is here to help you gain your licence with one-on-one HGV driver training. Our HGV courses in the York area also include Category D Licences.

Work Available

While other industries may be seeing a slump in available job postings, demand for lorry drivers is thriving. If you are looking for an industry with reliable work available, then an HGV driver is a safe bet. A fully qualified driver can earn upwards of thirty thousand pounds a year, so this is definitely worth considering when you are exploring a change in career paths.

Flexible Hours

Tired of the monotony of a nine-to-five workday? When you gain your Category C + E licence, you can expect much more varied hours. This isn’t for everyone, but if you love a challenge and want something different from the status quo, then this is for you. Hours on the road can feel hugely satisfying when you realise how integral your role is in the supply chain. Our HGV licence trainer offers a range of HGV lessons and HGV courses in the York area, so get in touch today to learn more about our HGV driver training services. Whether you want to earn an articulated lorry licence or a coach licence (Category D Licence) our HGV instructor is here to help.

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